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When you buy a property, there is a lot of work to be done on our part. We need to find a home, open escrow, perform inspections, fund the loan, and close sometimes in as little as 30 days if you are obtaining a new loan.


If you are purchasing a home with all cash, the escrow period is typically 10 to 20 days since a bank approval process is not involved.


There are many things to watch out for, including but not limited to: contingency dates, understanding closures, and contracts. 


However, as our clients you are always treated as our VIP!

We will keep track of all the dates, coordinate all appointments, negotiate terms on the contract for you, and provide the best possible service you can find!


Of course, it is still important that you understand the process of a real estate purchase, as well as the roles of both buyer and seller.

Process Of Buying A Home


A.Choosing Your Real Estate Agent

Find a reliable buyer's agent, determine the kind of house you are looking for, and choose a lender (if applicable).


B.Getting Your Loan Pre-Approved

Get your credit rating and choose a loan officer, then choose a loan option that best suits your needs. Get a Pre-qualification Letter from the lender.


C.Finding Your Dream Home

Log on to check out the newly listed houses on the MLS (Realtor database).

Ask your agent to find houses according to your needs.


D.Making An Offer

Decide on how much you are willing to pay for the house, and make a request for repairs. Have your agent write up the offers and conditions with a deposit check of usually 3% of the purchase price.This check will be in possession of the agent before the deal goes into Escrow. 

If the seller writes back a counter offer, you may choose to accept it, or write up another counter.


E.Both Parties Have Accepted The Offer

When both the seller and the buyer agree on an offer, the deal goes into Escrow

When the check goes to the Escrow Company, the buyer should make sure that there are sufficient funds in the bank.


F.Applying For The Loan

Prepare and send in all the related documents required by the lender, including down payment, proof of work, and tax records. 


G.Home Inspection Contingency Period

Have a professional inspector inspect the whole house and have your agent help you write up repair requests (if applicable). Examine the Inspection Reports and disclosures provided by the seller. 


H.Loan Contingency Period

Complete the appraisal of the house within the Appraisal Contingency period.

If you meet all required conditions and submit all required documents, the loan should be approved within the Loan Contingency Period. Once the loan is approved, sign all loan papers with the Escrow Company.


I.Closing The Escrow

Sign the loan document, prepare the down payment and all other fees, and submit it to the escrow company before close of escrow. The title company will then record the transfer of title at the county office. 


J.The Final Step: Receiving The Key and Moving In

Get the key from the seller before or on the date stated on the purchase contract. Before moving in, contact all the utility companies to ensure noninterruption of services. 

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