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Grace we have enjoyed working with you throughout this process. You are an excellent ambassador for your client and company. We wish you much continued success!


- Diane and Robert Kayajian

Grace and Tony are very dedicated broker, after knowing that we just want knowing the area and not ready for buying the property, they still arrange showings for my family. It took three days, and we saw dozens of houses! Let our family to know the local real estate market is a big plus to new immigrants like us! Thank you so much to Grace Couple. I wish you good health, and continue success business!


- Mr. Han

I was introduced to Grace and Tony buy my friends, they say Grace has good reputation! To be honest, at the beginning I wasn’t sure if I will looking for them to buy the property; but after contact, I found out they are very professional, because I was living out of the country all year round, this is first time to buy a house in the United States, you can imagine how many question I will have, I could envision a lot of trouble with the process; but after Grace's associate, I gradually dispel the concerns, all my problems have been timely feedback and resolved; soon I am satisfied to buy a house; the process is very smooth ; Grace's dedication and professionalism has left a deep impression on me; I was even more impressed after I brought the property. Due to the renting, I entrust Grace to screening the tenant for me, she done it very carefully, always stand considerate of my perspective on solving problems; After all, I felt I am very lucky to found her as my agent.


- Nancy

Thank you for your message Grace. We are pleased everthi8ng has worked out! The buyer will love this home and fit perfectly in the neighborhood. I’m confident they will be happy here! Grace was get closer to our final day in the home I will coordinate with you to make arrangements to get the keys to you so you may provide them to the buyer. Additionally we have two garage remote controls and two mail box keys for them. I will make sure they are clearly identified. All user manuals for appliances, hot water heater etc.  will be left in the kitchen cabinet for them as well. I’ll keep your updated as we get closer to fully moving out so we can make this a very smooth transition.


Grace we have enjoyed working with you throughout this process. You are an excellent ambassador for your client and company. We wish you much continued success!


- Diane and Robert Kayajian


We appreciate your time, patience and professionalism, as these qualities assisted us in obtaining our first new home. We wish you continued success! Thank You!


- Antonio & Anita Magaria

Grace we have enjoyed working with you throughout this process. You are an excellent ambassador for your client and company. We wish you much continued success!


- Diane and Robert Kayajian

I first contacted Grace to inquire about buying a home in 2010. We were planning to move to US from China, so it was a long process. Starting in 2014, she took us on showing tours in several different areas. By 2015, I finally signed contract a brand new construction, and in 2016 we finally got keys to our new dream home.

If you ask me why I chose Grace as my agent, I would say that someone who doesn’t change her cell, patiently answer all the questions, and walk us through the whole process, is certainly a good agent. I appreciate Grace’s patience and professionalism.


- Aubrey

Very good and professional real estate agent. Thank you Grace, for helping me in buy a house. You made the process very smooth.


- Wu

They have good service and quick responses and also professional.


- Grove

Grace helped me found my home almost a year ago, and I finally wrote a review today. Even till today, she is still patiently and diligently answering all our questions. My friends who bought homes in US through other agents were surprised at the fact that my agent is still here for me long after close of escrow. We found Grace purely by chance-we found her through her website and the information she provided regarding the home purchase process in US was very detailed and easy to understand. I thought that if her website was knowledgeable then she must be knowledgeable too. That’s why I chose Grace to be my agent in the first place. Looking back now, I am so glad that I made a good choice. It is apparent to me that the success she had in the real estate industry is a direct result of her professionalism and tireless efforts.


- Kiki

A friend referred Grace to me saying that people gave her good testimonials. Honestly at first I was skeptical. However, after I got in touch with her, I realized that Grace and her team are super professional in real estate. I lived in China and this was going to be my first time purchasing any property in US…you can imagine how many questions I had! I thought the whole process was going to be too much to handle. But after Grace addressed all my concerns, she also helped me find a home I was happy in no time.

The whole escrow process was smooth and easy and she left me a great impression. What impressed me even more was the way she handled my lease after close of escrow. Grace listed my property for lease, and she did an excellent job in evaluating and selecting tenants for me-every step of the way, Grace resolved and handled things with my interest in mind.

I am truly lucky that I found Grace!


- Lily

We are so happy to have worked with you. We refer everyone we know to you! We hope you have a pleasant experience with you have a pleasant experience with B




- Lorraine & William Ortiz

Grace and Tony are such dedicated real estate agents. Knowing that we were not ready to buy yet and just wanted to look first, they set up showing tours accordingly to our preference in a property. For 3 whole days, they showed us dozens of homes and helped our family gain valuable local knowledge in getting to know our future community.  They have provided great help in new immigrants such as us by providing us with essential information before we make the move to US.  Thank you, Grace and Tony! We wish you great health and success!!


-Mr. Guangzhou Han stay

Many thanks to Grace and her team for assisting and sorting out my direction when I was searching for a home in US. They helped me choosing the right city to settle down in according to my needs and likes. I don’t like to be around too many Asians. Yet I like the convenience of the amenities and shops. In the end, I bought a home in a city surrounding Irvine.

Before I got in touch with Grace, I was working with another agent referred by a friend who promised to give kick back in commission. However, that particular agent kept on pushing me to buy in Irvine and wouldn’t provide me with any information on other communities.  I wasn’t completely happy with the thought of living in the city of Irvine, yet this discount agent didn’t seem to understand what I was trying to convey. Presented with no other options, I felt even more confused and indecisive on what area I want to live in.

When I finally got in touch with Grace for the first time, I knew she was different. She didn’t try to pressure me to buy in any area at all.  Instead, she listened to my needs, and provided me with ample information on the difference of several communities and cities. I felt at ease with her, and was able to make informed decisions on which cities I wanted to look. Soon after that I found a home in a community I am happy to live in. The whole process was so smooth! Thanks again!!


- Alan Lee

We like to say thanks to Grace and her team in helping us purchase a home in Irvine.

Grace and her team sent me listings through email. They showed us countless homes. They helped us decide an area to look for properties. They also diligently negotiated and communicated with the sellers on our behalf. They addressed and resolved all our concerns and questions in a timely matter. Even when there was a delay in the mortgage process, they still got us favorable terms on our sales contract. The efforts of her team helped us closed the transaction successfully. 

To the laymen, buying a home in an another country is such a prolonged and complicated process.  Grace and her team fully demonstrated high level of professionalism and wisdom. We are truly impressed by their exceptional team members, Grace, Tony, Jason, Jeff, and Liu. Thank you!



Very pleasant cooperation with Grace! She take care of the interests of their customers. In the process to buy a house, she coordinate with various parties to maximum my interests. See, she is a very good reputation for brokers. She maintains a good working relationship with other broker in the area, they are very willing to deal with her. I certainly will looking for her again when I buy house next time.


- Miss Liu

I am a new immigrant from Yunnan China. First time arriving in US, the language, the culture, the environment is all completely unfamiliar. Luckily, shortly after arriving I met Tony and Grace and their team. Not only did they show me houses, they also helped me sort out the type of homes and neighborhoods according to my needs. They gave me suggestions on home purchase, and helped me adapt to this new environment. Besides the fact that I had a pleasant home buying experience, I believe I also made good friends!


- Long

Grace is a very professional real estate expert. She is dedicated and responsible. She thought of everything for us-found lots of homes to show us within our very limited time. We just moved to LA, and still flighting the language barrier. She patiently helped us with things that is beyond her real estate work. We are very grateful to her and I will tell all my friends to buy and sell with her. When I invest in real estate in the future, she will be my only choice!


- Liang

For me, a Taiwanese who bought a house in Corona City, Grace is the best real estate agent I've ever met. Her team helped me avoid a lot of trouble in the process of buying a house. She is very professional, thoughtful and trustworthy. If you want to buy real estate, whether you come from overseas or domestic, I strongly recommend Grace. When I am ready to buy another home in the future, there is no doubt in my mind that Grace is my only choice.


- David Tsai

Grace Hsiung and her team are very professional and efficient. It was important for us to find a house within a certain time frame. She pre-arranged to show us as much homes as possible with our limited time.  When I wanted to give up due, she patiently accompanied me to look around. And finally I found the perfect house. She is professional, fair, efficient, detailed. I highly recommend her!


- sdm7297

I bought a home through Grace in June 2011. The agents that I have worked with before Grace, they couldn’t understand my needs and my thought process. Then a friend recommended Grace. We are both from Beijing, and similar in age. It was like fate, we talked like we knew each other for a long time. She can completely understand what I am looking for in a home-no wonder she is a top producer. I only had 11 days in LA. Grace was highly efficient. She showed us 40 plus houses within one day. We had no time to eat yet she accompanied us from morning to sunset…Finally we found a home that we liked. Afterwards she went to prepare the offer contract for us. We went to her office to sign till almost midnight!

I admire her dedication and diligence. Last year, she also helped me son leasing a place near UCI. It was truly lucky to meet Grace, otherwise I can’t imagine the difficulties that we would encounter in a new foreign country.

To read more about my home buying experience, go to my blog:


- Jean

Grace ‘s patience and dedication helped us get our keys to our new home. We appreciate how she helped us throughout the transaction, especially when we had issue with time of closing, she successfully resolved the issues for us.


- Danny Chin

Grace is very professional! The first time we spoke briefly, she immediately understood my situation and needs, and began to help me to analyze, give me advice. She really cared about my interests and needs, rather than just want to get the commission, which makes me feel very moved. It was not easy for me to find a house that fulfilled all my requirements, but Grace had given me a lot of help in finding a house. I like to say thank you here!


- Susan Xie

Working with Grace was very pleasant! She is very concerned about the interests of their customers in the process of buying a house to help me with all aspects of coordination. She looked out for the maximum for my interests. She is a reputable broker who maintains a good working relationship with others. Other brokers are willing to deal with her. Next time when I am ready to buy another house, I am going to work with Grace.


- Mimia Liu

Grace is a Beijing girl who is straight forward and efficient. Under the current market, it is not easy to buy a home in US. Even though there are tons of homes listed online but which one is your dream home? Working a good agent certainly can help you find the right home and compete with other buyers to successfully get that house. Our experience of home purchase in Irvine with Grace truly proved that she is a great agent. 1. She understands the needs of the clients. 2. She can give suggestions and advices. (many agents lack this ability). 3. She communicates and negotiates well with other agents. Choose Grace as your agent if you want to find a home in CA and you have limited time!


- Victor

Grace was very patient, when I bought a house last year, she took me to see more than 20 houses finally let me find my dream house. My credit is not very good and didn’t have a large down payment, so I ran into issues when I apply for loans, Grace was very patient to accompany me through a layer of a layer of process and provided me with careful explanation and find a solution to the issues. finally, I got the keys to my new home. thank you! Very satisfied.


- Beggerking

Grace is an excellent real estate agent. She is professional. When I have a problem, she always answers and solves my problem in time. She helped me buy a house last year.


- Ben

Grace is very professional! In the process of helping me buy a house, I saw her professional spirit! From the beginning she understood my needs, helped me screen the right houses, then took me on showing tour. She found the most suitable for my house, helped me with evaluation, sent offer to the seller, and helped me complete the transaction. It was tedious process if it wasn’t for her. Grace walked me through step by step meticulously. The whole transaction process is perfect, so I feel very comfortable. Thank you very much, Grace!


- Achison

Just randomly came across Grace's photo, and thought of her.  I thought I should give her a testimonial here. Grace is very professional, experienced, very nice.  I am very happy with the house and very grateful to the Grace’s team who made this happen.  I have referred several friends to Grace! Highly recommended!



I am from Sichun, China. After I came to USA, through a friend’s referral, I looked at some properties with an agent. I wasn’t that interested in purchasing a home then.

Then by chance, another friend recommended Grace. I felt that she is very dedicated to her work and she is very easy to work with. She set up email listings according to my desired criteria, and then she showed me about 50 houses-10 houses per day for 5 days!!

Grace is patient, kept me company throughout the showings, and gave me valuable insights and suggestions. With her assistance, I finally found a home in Newport Beach that I absolutely love!

Afterwards, Grace and I became friends. She is a great friend who helped me transition into the US life style. If you are looking for a home, I recommend Grace!


- Li

Grace is a professional, dedicated, thoughtful- the ideal agent for home buyers. I am grateful for her professionalism. She knows the local area, neighborhood, and she understands what you are looking for, and can give you insightful suggestions. I think choosing the right agent is the most important thing when buying a house. During the escrow process, she patiently explained the legal documents and gave us consultations. It is apparent that she is knowledgeable in real estate. We found a great house in Newport Beach, thanks to the help from Grace.


- Judy Maggie

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