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Exercise common sense when preparing your home for a sale. Picture yourself as a buyer and ask yourself "What are some things that I can do to make my house most appealing?" Here are some household maintenance items to consider:


  • Ensure that the most noticeable things are maintained (lawn, shrubs, walkway or driveway cracks, etc.) 

  • See to it that equipment, toys, or lawn and garden items are properly stored 

  • Touch up or paint worn window trim, doors, or siding that looks aged 

  • Store garbage and debris in proper canisters 

  • Caulk and weather-strip around windows, doors, electrical outlets and baseboards, etc. for the purpose of saving energy. 





























After buyers have been satisfied with the exterior, it is important that they become satisfied with what they see inside. One of the most important criterias is cleanliness.


An unkept, dirty home will turn off any buyer. Therefore floors, bathroom tile, and windows should appear noticeably clean. Replace dirty heating, air conditioning filters and shampoo carpets if necessary. Bathroom tubs, showers, and toilets should be clean of debris and hard water stains. Dripping faucets should be fixed and tightened and  squeaky doors should fit properly. Make sure the house is picked up after and that the kitchen area is clean including the oven and stovetop. Make the inside of your home bright and cheery by turning on the lights and opening up the window blinds. Areas that will be visually inspected by the buyer such as the garage, basement, attic and closets should appear kept and in order.


Today's homebuyers like plenty of closet space and filled closets give the feeling that they are too small. Any items such as posters, pictures or sayings that might be misinterpreted or come across offensive should be removed.


Rooms that may have marked walls or dirtied ceilings due to smoke stains should be repainted with a neutral off-white color.


Valuables should be put away in a safe place. Keep in mind that you want to have buyers leave with the impression that your house has been properly kept and maintained. Make them feel like they could live in your house.


Therefore, any additional things that you could do to make the house feel like home move the buyer closer toward making an offer. Small things like smell from indoor pets or smoking from cigarettes should be removed and replaced with scented potpourri. Placing live flowers on the kitchen table or guest towels on the bathroom towel rack will give the house and added “homey” impression.


A buyer is not much different than you. A clean up-kept house can go a long way and small cosmetic changes can make a difference in the mind of the buyer.



Keep it newly painted, mow the lawn and keep it green. Clean all drainage systems and make sure all outdoor lights work. Remove all lichen on the roof and replace any missing roof tiles.


1. Front door


Keep it newly painted, make sure the door bell works, shine the door knobs, and oil the metal rails that squeak.


2. Windows


Clean thoroughly, make sure that all windows open and close easily, and replace any broken pieces. 


3. Driveway


Fill any holes in the pavement. 


4. Patio


Paint any wooden structures and make sure all structures are secure.


5. Garden and yard


Trim the bushes and trees, replace dead plants, remove all the leaves from ground, remove weeds from grass, decorate the yard and garden.






Keep it newly painted, maintain the floor, keep everything clean and brightly lit, make sure there is good air circulation at all times, put away any excess furniture and miscellaneous items, and make sure all switches and lights are working properly.


1. Kitchen


Make sure all faucets, sinks and drainages are draining properly, make sure all the appliances are working, make sure all walls and cabinets are free of stains. All sinks are to be spotless. Remove mildew or any foul odors, keep the floors and tiles clean, keep the stoves clean, and organize the storage area so that things do not pile up.


2. Living Room and Family Room


Repair all ceiling and wall damages, fix any leakages and water marks, repaint any wooden structures, make sure all wallpaper is evenly sealed, and clean all curtains and blinds.  Make sure the room is bright and airy by opening all windows and blinds. Furniture should be organized and all unnecessary items should be removed. Make sure all windows are easy to open and close. 


3. Dining Room


Repair all ceiling and wall damages, fix any leakages and water marks, and repaint any wooden structures. Make sure windows are clean and make sure they're easy to open and close. The floor should be spotless and waxed and carpets should be steam washed. 


4. Rooms


Repair all ceiling and wall damages, fix any leakages and water marks, make sure all windows are washed, working, and ready for show. Room floors should have no loose items and room beds should be dressed with new sheets.


5. Bathrooms


Wipe off sink area so there is no residue and put away any loose items (like toothpaste.) Any leaking faucets should be repaired before showing the home. It's also recommended that you replace the shower curtain with a brand new one  Make sure bathrooms have new towels and make sure the floor is clean. Clean the surfaces of all mirrors and fix damaged tiles.


6. Door Entrance


Make sure the light switch is working. The entrance floor should be cleaned off completely.  The guests closet should be tidy and the light inside should be working.

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