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When you hire professional realtors to help you with real estate transactions, you can rest assured that we will make sure everything runs smoothly.


We will help you build a suitable pricing stragegy based on the market trend and the characteristics of your neighborhood. 


We will install the lockbox, set up showings with the buyer's agents, and we will market your beautiful home to reach qualified potential buyers.


We will receive the buyer's offers for you, negotiate on your behalf for the best terms, and we will help you keep track of the important dates such as contingency removals and close of escrow dates.


We will open escrow for you and coordinate with all parties involved, including the buyer, buyer's agent, bank, title company, escrow company, termite company, home warranty company, etc.


As our clients, we guarrantee you the best service throughout the whole transaction. We will see the sale through from the start to close and everything in 

between. We will facilitate the inspections, contracts, and negotiations. Our clients do not need to worry about anything.


However, as your real estate professionals, we encourage you to read through our Sell A Home guide, as we have provided much in-depth information on topics that you might be interested as a home seller.


Happy Selling!

Process Of Selling A Home


Choose Real Estate Agent




Choosing the right agent to represent your needs



Asking for a comprehensive market analysis (C.M.A.) on your home



Estimating net proceeds





How to Sell Your House



Signing the listing agreement with your agent. Confirming commission rate and other terms.



Preparing your home to be ready for sale.





Market Your House



Usually there are many viable and affordable ways to market your property, such as through mail, Internet, advertisement, flyers, open house, etc.




Consider Buyer's Offer



Comparing different terms of offers. Choose the most matching prospect.



Sell has the option to accept to counter or refuse buyer's offer.




Offer Accepted



Once the seller accepts the buyer's offer, escrow should be opened. The selected escrow company begins the transaction process





Prepare Required Documents



Seller provides the "Seller's Disclosure" and orders the "Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement and Disclosure Report", or other reports as required by the terms of purchase and sale agreement.




Reply Buyer's Request Of Repair



After home inspection, the buyer usually requests seller repairs or corrects some faults. According to inspection report, some must be done by law, others can be decided upon by a mutual agreement between the seller and buyer.




Termite Inspection and Clearance Report  



According to CA law, all properties must get a termite inspection and necessary corrections done.




Select Home Warranty Plan



The Seller usually buys a 1 year warranty for the buyer to protect the buyer from expenses required for repairing any thing related to this property.




Sign Grand Deed



The seller should sign a Grand Deed to the buyer.




Close Escrow and Get Money



Fulfill all required terms then close escrow, the seller receives net proceeds.




Move Out and Turn Over Keys



The seller should vacate the property and turn over all keys before the possession date by the terms of the agreement.





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